Privacy Policy

This informs you of how this website deals with personal information and how I would deal with that information if I saw you as a patient. When you share your personal information, you have a right to expect this information to be treated with total confidentiality. Therefore, it is my responsibility to manage any personal data that you provide in accordance with all data protection legislation and industry best practice.

I confirm that I will not share any personal data with any third party without specific written permission from you.

You are might provide personal data in the following ways:

– During a medical consultation

– Through email, over the telephone or by post

– By sending information about yourself

This information is used for healthcare or advice and to receive appropriate payments. This means that the legal basis of our holding your personal data is with your consent for the specific purpose of your healthcare. Under GDPR this is known as Consent.

I undertake at all times to protect your personal data in a manner which is consistent with my duty of professional confidence and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning data protection. I will also take reasonable security measures to protect your personal data storage.

I will seek your express consent before sharing your information with your GP or other healthcare providers. However, if I believe that your life is in danger then I may pass your information onto an appropriate authority (such as the police, social services in the case of a child or vulnerable adult, or GP in case of self-harm) using the legal basis of vital interests.

I may share your case history in an anonymised form (without disclosing your name or personal details) with our peers for the purpose of professional development with your permission. This may be at clinical supervision meetings, conferences, online forums, and through publishing in medical journals, trade magazines or online professional sites.

Every individual has the right to see, amend, delete or have a copy, of data held that can identify you, with some exceptions. You do not need to give a reason to see your data. If you want to access your data, you must make a request in writing to myself at the postal or email address at the end of this document. Under special circumstances, some information may be withheld. I will respond within 20 working days from receiving the request and any necessary information from you. My response will include the details of the personal data I hold on you.

The General Medical Council instructs that all such records be retained “for the foreseeable so records will be kept indefinitely”.

This site uses small text filed called cookies to improve the working of the site and the visitor’s experience of the site. The main use is in the contact forms. These are temporary session cookies. They are destroyed once the process is complete or ended. They do not store personal data and they are not used for tracking or monitoring purposes. Use of this website deems your acceptance of the use of cookies.


If you have a complaint regarding the use of your personal data, then please contact me by writing or emailing to this address, and I will do our best to help you.

Dr Jerry Thompson, Welby Practice, Walford Close, Bottesford NG13 0AN